Sexual Responsibility Week

Sexual Responsibility Week

Dear Students and Advisors,

Welcome to the Sexual Responsibility Week Campaign for 20018, created by The BACCHUS Network™. We are excited to once again support the efforts of student peer educators and campus health and wellness offices who are working to make sexual health a priority on campus. As has been the case for years, BACCHUS is a leader in promoting student-friendly sexual health information, the empowerment of abstinence as a healthy choice, and the connections between alcohol abuse and unhealthy sexual decisions. The purpose of the week is to provide all of our affiliates with a highly visible spark for what we hope is a year round commitment to sexual health issues and programming in your campus community.

You will notice that this year’s theme “Pass the Test” really allows for great creativity and flexibility to all our campus affiliates. For some of our students, a sexual health campaign program effort includes the choice to be sexually active and information about safer sex. For others, the relationship consists of love and friendship with the commitment to wait before engaging in sexual activity. No matter what your program of choice and message you deliver, in all cases, include issues such as respect, honesty, trust and intimacy.

Many people like to create their own Sexual Responsibility Week in February during the week of Valentine’s Day. Some people like to do their sexual health awareness on the week before Spring Break. Others find it difficult to conduct an entire week of sexual health events, but instead try to do a day or two of programming. As always, we leave it to our affiliates to decide what is best for them.

This programming guide describes materials you can use for the Sexual Responsibility Week campaign, from our posters, to pamphlets to candy packets, magnets, and lip balm! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create your own educational events on campus. Read through the guide and go to for even more facts and ideas to design a great campaign.

Good luck with your efforts this year. We appreciate all you do to make our campuses as safe and healthy as possible!

Drew Hunter

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